Accountability to one’s health is crucial!!
The quality of your life will reflect the attention or lack thereof given to this most significant aspect of your existence.
Healthier living has somehow gotten lost in the advancement of our careers, care of our families and convenience. We often don't find out how important our health is until it fails us and we are no longer able to attend to those things that are most important to us.

Healthier lifestyle choices are the lynch pin to the quality of your life. With poor health come many conditions that negatively impact the quality of your life such as disease, elevated stress levels, depression, irritability, poor sleep habits, fatigue, poor work performance and a host of other maladies.

The benefits of exercise are many and are well documented. Our mission at ALG Fitness is to be a catalyst/facilitator in YOUR efforts to live well.  To achieve or maintain this goal we incorporate the following exercise components;

Research shows that regular resistance training will strengthen and tone muscles and increase bone mass…


Exercising and challenging this part of the body's system is not only important in sport, but also for Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s).


Your body is a system or kinetic chain that moves and recruits muscles in the necessary patterns to perform the task required. It is not a robotic isolated machine as most typical maximal single joint training programs would suggest. Functional exercise protocols aim to challenge the body as a functional unit so that is not only maximally strong, but functionally strong as well.…


Cardiovascular /Interval Training:

The heart and lungs are key components in the make-up of the cardiovascular system.  Without appropriate challenges, they will, like the muscular and nervous systems, become weak.  Cardiovascular exercise not only challenges the skeletal muscles but also the heart muscle.  Interval training is another facet of cardiovascular exercise where high levels of intensity are used in conjunction with lower levels of intensity.  This allows the client to get the benefits of high intensity exercise while giving the body some time to rest.


With the repetitive nature of exercise, muscles can become shortened and therefore tight, which impact joint function and lead to injury.

 Circuit Training:

Develops strength and endurance by utilizing several exercises performed in succession which can be adjusted to suit age, fitness, and health of the client.

Improving the quality or maintaining a higher quality of health is no different then any thing else WORTH HAVING!!!. It is working to be WORTHWHILE!!

We welcome the COMMITTED!!!!

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